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Free Resources

Please download and use any of the free resources I have created for you!

Birth Planning Tool

A birth plan is an invaluable tool for you to utilize. Creating a birth plan helps you figure out what kind of birth you want and educates you on the possibilities and options in your birth experience. Then, if you need to make adjustments or changes to your plan, you are already knowledgeable of other choices and will feel more confident in your decision making. 

This tool is a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, checklist. Once you choose your preferences, condense the information in one easy to read, one page document like the example at the end.

Mother and Baby Sleeping

Postpartum Planning Tool

We spend so much time preparing for labor and birth, that oftentimes our postpartum planning gets overlooked. A little bit of planning can help your transition to postpartum go much smoother. This tool can be used a conversation starter for you and your partner to set yourselves up for success. This includes things like: childcare, sibling care, who is going to assume household duties?, etc. A helpful list of tips and suggestions is included at the end.

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