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Client Testimonials

     "Molly was beyond incredible to work with! The support and education that she provided before our son was born was so valuable; we learned so much about the process of labor and so much more. During labor she was a calm, helpful, knowledgeable presence. She anticipated my needs and seamlessly stepped in to meet them. My husband and I cannot say enough about Molly! She was absolutely wonderful!"


     "Having Molly as my birth doula was one of the best decisions we’ve made. From our first meeting, she exuded warmth, empathy, and expertise. Throughout my pregnancy, she provided invaluable support, answering all my questions and offering guidance on birthing options.
     During labor, Molly was a calming presence. She helped guide me to manage pain with various techniques, offered words of encouragement, and ensured my wishes were followed. Her unwavering support gave me the strength to push through the challenges of labor.
     Molly's dedication didn't stop at delivery; she visited postpartum to check on me and the baby. Her kindness and knowledge made those early days of motherhood much smoother.
     I can't express how grateful I am for Molly's role in my birthing journey. Her passion for helping mothers and babies shines through in everything she does. If you're looking for a compassionate, experienced doula, Molly is the one to choose.
     10/10 hope she’s available for our next baby adventure!"


     "Words cannot speak volume of how great Molly is! Being first time parents with no family members with babies/kids, we knew nothing. Molly walked us through the whole process and answered all of our questions with no judgement. We mapped out our birth plan, but also discussed all the potential options/outcomes so we were prepared. When my labor began in the middle of the night, she was there to answer all my calls and text messages prior to her arriving at the hospital. She stayed with me the whole time explaining everything going on, what the nurses were doing, et. And not only was she helpful pre and during, Molly has been so helpful postpartum. My little guy has been a challenge and with recovering from an emergency c-section, Molly continues to check up on me and offer her services so I can get the rest I need. I highly recommend Molly to anyone. She is caring, professional, and goes above and beyond our expectations. She is the best and I will be using her again for my next pregnancy!!"



     "Molly was a pleasure to work with. She was supportive right at the moment I met her. She gave me lots of information to help prepare for labor and postpartum, as well as many other resources that helped me transition into motherhood. She was there to comfort me during my pregnancy and through all the contractions. She checked on me and gave helpful advice after I had my baby as well. She is professional, friendly, and just a lovely person. Molly is a great doula and I would recommend her to anyone. She is truly a blessing."


     "We were so lucky to have Molly for our pregnancy and postpartum journey for our first baby. She has the kindest heart and helped us make the transition to “first time parents” possible, even though Lillian came into the picture a little earlier than expected! Her expertise and knowledge made us feel at ease through the whole process. She will continue to be part of our family!"
-The Legath Family

     "We picked Molly to be part of our birth team and we are so happy we did! We immediately felt like she understood our needs and our birth vision. She provided many options and gave us resources to make decisions. She listened to the things that worried us and provided solutions and visuals to help us prepare for labor and the birth process. Our birth did not go as planned but we felt that the outcome was perfect because we had someone help us prepare for the unexpected. Her birth course gave us more answers, resources, and opportunities to practice positioning before birth. She addressed our concerns and provided information that the other birth course did not give us. My husband felt prepared and he felt like he had a specific job throughout the whole process. She helped us so much after coming home from the hospital with lactation and general newborn questions. Molly is worth it and we will definitely have her as part of our birth team for our next pregnancy."


     "Hiring Molly as our doula was truly the best decision we made! We hired her pretty early on in my pregnancy and right away she was reaching out to check in and was so responsive to all my questions as well as intuitive to questions I may have or things I may be interested in based on our chats. Our 2 prenatal visits left my husband and I feeling prepared for birth and she provided us with so much knowledge.
     Without Molly, I truly would not have had the empowering, beautiful, wild birth that I did. My birth plan didn’t go as planned at all and yet Molly was there every step of the way making sure we were informed and given time to make decisions.  Before I went in for my C-section she took the time to pray for me which was everything I needed and more in that moment.
     As for postpartum, Molly's knowledge and help (mentally, emotionally, and physically) were invaluable! I truly cannot explain how much Molly did for me and my family from beginning to end. She went above and beyond in every way and I highly recommend her as a doula!"


     "I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional support and care that Molly provided during my pregnancy, especially considering the challenges I faced. From the moment I met Molly, I knew I was in capable hands. Her knowledge, expertise, and dedication to my well-being made a profound difference in my birthing experience.
     My pregnancy was far from easy. My original goal was  a natural non medicated birth, but my pregnancy had multiple complications including a breech baby and low amniotic fluid levels. The uncertainty and anxiety that accompanied these challenges were overwhelming, but Molly was there with me every step of the way. She provided not only physical support but also emotional reassurance, which proved invaluable during those difficult moments.
     When it became apparent that a cesarean section was necessary, I initially questioned the need for a doula. However, Molly showed me the true value of her presence even in a surgical birth. As I was prepped for surgery, Molly remained by my side, offering words of encouragement and keeping my spirits up. Her positive energy and genuine care helped ease my fears and allowed me to focus on what lay ahead.
     Once my baby was taken to the NICU, my husband rushed to be with our little one. It was during this crucial time that Molly's unwavering support truly shone. Molly stayed with me in the room, engaging in heartfelt conversations that distracted me from the worries and uncertainties. Her comforting presence and compassionate nature were like a balm to my soul.
     Throughout my journey, Molly consistently demonstrated her vast knowledge of birth and her ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Her calm demeanor and reassuring voice provided me with a sense of security during the most challenging moments. Molly's wealth of experience shone through as she guided me through each decision and provided invaluable information about the choices I had.
But it was not just Molly's professionalism and expertise that made her outstanding; it was her genuine care and empathy that truly set her apart. She not only tended to my physical needs but also nurtured my emotional well-being. She transformed what could have been a daunting, traumatizing, and overwhelming experience into one that was filled with strength, hope, and positivity. Thanks to her support, I felt empowered and capable, even in the face of unexpected challenges. Molly is a true gem in the world of doula care, and I am forever grateful for the impact she had on my birthing journey."


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